Kusadama of modular origami workshop GEANNULEERD

Date(s) - 29/03/2020
13:00 - 15:15


Aanmelden: via e-mail
Kosten voor dit event: 24,50


It will be Kusudama/ modular origami with 12 modules this time.
Please refer to the attached image showing what you expect to make during the workshop.
Duration: 2 hours to 2.5 hours.
Kusudama is formed by modular Origami construction techniques or assembled with modular Origami pieces together.
In the coming workshop you will learn the techniques: how to fold a modular piece and to make a simple, but cute and challenging enough geometric shape. Each of you make your own Kusudama:)
Your hand-crafted Kusudama balls from the workshop will be your own cute gifts or home decorations:)
Let’s activate our hands and finger tips! That stimulates our creativity while also giving us very mind full moments.
What to expect for the price of €24,50
– A short story of Kusudama or modular Origami, and the variations.
– For beginners:)
– Paper will be provided.
– First I will give you a warm up with quick practice of origami.
– Then start Kusudama with instructions on how to fold each piece and how to put together into a sphere.
– Craft a Kusudama ball with 12 modular origami pieces per person.
– included is tea and something sweet from Maak
What to bring
– Please bring cutting mats or something like very flat surfaces (such as magazines), and your OLD credit/bank cards.
– Also please bring your crafty or sleepy hands, and importantly patience
How to join:
– send an email to orimaki25@gmail.com for registration