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A book for a jolly good fellow, which bo-one can ever deny. Happy Birthday!

A book for a jolly good fellow, which bo-one can ever deny. Happy Birthday!

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    Sometimes you need an excuse to say what you are thinking. And a birthday is just the time to tell that friend what you think of him or her. You can tell her that you will never ever forget all those crazy things you did on that fun trip you went on because when you two get together you are unstoppable, or that all that fun and laughter together has made him look even better as every year goes by.

    With this book you can tell the birthday boy/girl all the reasons in the world why he/she is so special to you, as you have 24 pages to get it all down on paper. So whenever you are a bit far away, or they have a bad day or simply want to remember all your kind words, they can pick up this little book.

    And there is one thing you are bound to want to wish them: have a happy birthday and may each day be even better than the last.

    Book features:
    Book size: 10 x 15 cm
    Cover weight: 300 g
    Interior weight: 140 g
    48 really specially designed pages.
    Scratch-resistant matt plastic cover.

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